March 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

On a recent trip down south, Mr. CHiPy and I spent time with my parents. Brother #7's girls were visiting. They are darling and they love to make "projects". Aunty Amy doesn't disappoint. Right girls? Right. But there was a problem. No supplies. But never fear, uncle Mr. CHiPy to the rescue! 
So, we baked. And made cookies. Together.  
They worked their little muscles until they couldn't work them anymore.

And ended up with these. Aren't they cute! 

And of course my nieces said we needed to do an act of service. 
So off we went. Cookies in hand.

To brother #5's home. Ellis met us there.
And then around the corner to Brother #3's home. Luke and Emme met us there.
And finally around yet another corner to Brother #4's home. He met us there.
...and so did one of his prize winning Black Labs. 
Isn't he gorgeous! Check out that biscuit on his nose!! Love it!  
So why didn't we deliver cookies to 
Brothers #1, #2, #6, #7, #8 & #9? 
Because they don't live around the corner. 
And we were tired.
Really tired. Service can be that way. 
Right girls?