May 27, 2009


See this girl? 
She's my daughter. 
She's a cancer survivor. 
She's sweet. 
And she's 16. 
Here she is modeling a beautiful silver gown that we are in the process of modest-ifying and altering. The color compliments her complexion and gorgeous dark hair and chocolate eyes. (And check out that half painted wall behind her. I have a a paint problem...I admit it. I'm still testing for the right color to compliment that red on the wall). Back to the subject of this post: She's also talented in all things artistic. I mean REALLY talented.
(like she could work for Disney Animation, or Cartoon Network or Warner Brothers someday. Yeah. Like that kind of talent).
I ask her, "how did you draw that?" And she says, I just do it.
Wow. I wouldn't mind having a talent like that.