June 1, 2009

The BIG Day

The big day is approaching. Fast. And its almost here. June 26, 2009. Life will never be the same. How do you go from little girl with Braces to big girl with Braces? SEVEN YEARS of braces. And endure names like brace face and metal mouth. It's a crime I tell you. Poor little-big girl. But it wasn't her fault that she went through a rapid growth spurt at 12 which resulted in jaw/chin surgery half way through the process, and then two moves, and then two Orthodontists. She's been a trooper. For seven years. And that's almost as long as she's known this young man. The Frog Man...(that face he's making, yeah, the one that looks like a frog face. He made it special for me and he says it's his best impression yet). They've been dating over the years. He's says he's her frog and will soon be her prince. They say they were meant for each other. The Frog Man and the Little-Big Girl. Don't they make a lovely couple? She's 6'1. He's 6'5. And he has braces too. But not seven years worth. June 26, 2009. The day her braces come off. They both can HARDLY wait!!