June 9, 2009

Moving. Furniture, that is.

Today I was bored. When I'm bored. I move furniture. My mom taught me how to do this. She does it really well. Now, I too do it really well. I think.
View from front door. The white furniture blends nicely with the white walls, doncha think? I don't like white furniture or white walls. Especially when children and teens and a big black German Shepherd live in the house. I was bored of the white walls and the white furniture. I inherited both from Mr CHiPy when we got married, the walls and sofa's, not the children or the tweens or the black German Shepherd. Got all that? 
A little switch-a-roo with another room and the white furniture is gone. This is the sofa and chair Mr. CHiPy inherited from me when we got married. But not the white walls though.
It's improving. I think. Here's a close up of the burgundy-red and a couple swatches of a grey- green I'm sampling.
It's a start.