June 12, 2009

Serious Skills

These girls have skills. I'm talking SERIOUS skills.
Indigo Girl is my girl. She's the one with black hair. She's sweet. And she's 16. Remember? And then there's sweet girl #2. She's Indigo girls' really good friend. She's Holly and she's not 16...yet. Here they are sewing and creating. By the end of the morning they had 3 machines going. They have serious skills. They animate, and write, and design/sew clothes and watch uber cool tv reruns of Pokeman and are teaching themselves Japanese and Romanian. 
Why? "Because it's cool", they say. 
It's wild I tell you. 
When I was their age, I didn't draw or speak languages like Japanese and Romanian. I took Home Ec class and sewed a pair of shorts out of terry cloth material and took Spanish I because I HAD to. Not because I wanted to. I wanted to drive and date boys. Indigo Girl and Holly...not so much. 
"Why drive when our mom's do it for us" and "Boys are just boys", they say.  
Say What?
They would rather practice their skills. Those Serious skills. 
I'm grateful!