November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

Making these fun cookies has been a tradition in my home for years. Little-big girl made them when she still lived at home and now all of the grand-kids make them when they're here for Thanksgiving.

These are easy to make and can be used as cute table favors for a family dinner or a child's school party.

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats
1 bag Oreo cookies
1 bag fudge striped cookies
1 bag chocolate covered creme drops (found at Walmart)
1 bag candy corn
1 tub chocolate frosting

The Oreo cookie is the base. Lay it flat on a napkin or plate. Using frosting as "glue", attach a cream drop to the middle of the Oreo. This is the body of the turkey. For a tail, stand a fudge stripe cookie on end and "glue" it to one side of creme drop. The candy corn is the head. Attach it, point down, to the side of the cream drop opposite the tail.

That's it. So cute and so fun for the kids to make.