February 12, 2010

Coach STEAL!

This is the Coach checkbook wallet I've had my eye on for months!   It even has a name. She's called Penelope over at coach.com.
Isn't she lovely.

She's over at the Coach store with a price tag of $238.00! I've been waiting and waiting for her to go on sale but that hasn't happened.  I've gone with Mr. CHiPy to the Coach Outlet hoping that Penelope would make an appearance at a much lesser price.    I guess Penelope was not meant to be.

So a couple of days ago, I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores...Goodwill in Folsom.  I didn't find anything this go round until I headed out the door and happened to glance into the glass case at the front desk.

And Lord have mercy...looky what I found!!  {{Squealing with delight!!}}

Could it be?  Well, it is an authentic box and it does have the serial number on it.  Look what's inside...

No, it's not Penelope, it's SOHO.  Classic signature SOHO.  And she's in PERFECT condition!  SOHO must have been a gift and got put aside and then donated to Goodwill.

  And SOHO has a checkbook too!!
Side by side comparisons of SOHO and Penelope.  Other than the larger buckle and jacquard signature print, I could not tell any difference except
that I only paid...


Penelope was not meant to be, but SOHO sure was!