March 1, 2010

American River Love

I grew up in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean and Mr. CHiPy grew up in Northern California near the American River.  I really do miss the ocean but one of the things I love about living in Sacramento is our close proximity to the American River.  This is the place where Mr. CHiPy spent a lot of his childhood...with his dog Whimpy..down by the river.

Mr. CHiPy's all grown up now and has a new dog, but he still loves to spend his leisurely time there.

Recently Mr. CHiPy and I took the kids on a walk along the American River to recount some of his wonderful childhood memories.

He loved watching the birds.  There are so many different varieties.  This one swooped in as we were walking along the path.
He also loved climbing the trees...

And playing on the tire swing that used to be on this tree.  He would swing off of it into the river below which was a favorite past time for him and his friends. 
  I had to laugh at some of the stories he told the kids...and especially the ones he didn't tell the kids.  (Oh my gosh...where were his parents!)  Probably at home, like mine were when I was off at the beach with my friends..
Oh, the stories we both could tell.

But we won't because it just wouldn't be the same.