May 25, 2010

Awards + New Look

Little-man did it again.  Here he is in all of his 13 year old glory...

Last week he had pneumonia and missed the entire week of school.  Well, almost the entire week.  He did go on the field trip to Lake Natoma - not a good idea when you have pneumonia.  Anyway,  back to missing it was a real surprise when he brought home yet another award certificate and medal of honor.  This time for overall excellence in the 7th grade. 

You go little man!  He surprised us last year when he won the 6th grade award for math excellence and the Librarian's award for most books read.  And yes, he is my son.

In three days school will be out for the summer. Three days. Whew. Honestly, I can hardly wait for the break. And what better way to kick-off the summer than with a change to my blog. It's about time.

And oh, check out this summer list from Meg.  I love her idea.