September 17, 2010

Ironstone-like Favorites

I've been shopping for ironstone platters for several years now with not much luck. Too expensive, or wrong glaze or too many irregularities. But guess what? I found the perfect ironstone-like serving pieces this past Sams' Club.

Can you believe it?

Awesome!  I purchased 2 identical sets.  The first set came home with me 3 weeks ago.  They worked out so well, that I went back and purchased a second set.  The largest piece is 10"x15", then a 9"x9" and the smallest at a decent size of 8"x6".
Here's a close-up on the detail of these sweet pieces.
They are a cinch to store...they all stack inside of one another.  I love the light cream color with embossed pattern, the heavy weight, the size, the bonus that they are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe and best of all...the price. 
  $19.99 for the set.

Don't you just love when you make a purchase and you get quality and quantity?  I love a great deal.