September 19, 2010

Most Delicious Caramel Apples, Part II

Okay peeps, the time has come to make caramel apples...again.

Many of you have asked and I'm happy to share this caramel recipe that I received years and years ago from one of my friends (Thanks Kaylene!). I make caramel apples each Autumn with my kids and we give them away to family, friends and teachers because we want them to think we're awesome.  Once you taste one of these babies you'll think we're awesome too.

The caramel makes THE BEST caramel apple you have EVER tasted.  

No kidding.  They are delish.  To die for.  


This year the kids made three varieties:

Apple Pie a-la-mode:  Caramel apple topped with white chocolate, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and crushed graham crackers.

Oreo Cookie Crunch: Caramel apple topped with milk chocolate, crushed Oreo's and white chocolate. (or you can call it Candy Bar Crunch and use chopped up candy bar instead of the crushed Oreo's).

Nutty Buddy:  Caramel apple topped with milk chocolate, sliced almonds and white chocolate.

You can find the recipe BY CLICKING HERE. 

{{You're welcome}}