October 5, 2010

Feeding My Freezer - Ground Beef Bargain

My local Safeway has a fantastic deal going on right now- 80/20 ground beef for $1.49 per pound for the max pak. The lowest price for this same product is $2.59/lb at Costco.

I stocked up big time.  How does thirty pounds sound to you?  Sounded like a deal to me.
The first thing I do is cook up about 7 pounds at a time in my trusty cast iron stock pot.  I add Lawry's seasoning salt and let it cook in it's own juices on medium until done.  This step takes about 20 minutes per batch so I usually do this when I know I'll be home for at least a day with no other obligations.
After I drained off all of the fat and juices, I let it cool for a couple of hours and then bag it into 4 cup increments.  I use ziploc quart size freezer bags that really do hold up well in the freezer.
Pull out a bag the night before you need it and let it defrost overnight in your fridge.  Works like a charm.

Tonight I'm making Beef Strogonoff and having the ground beef precooked will save me loads of time.   I'll post the recipe tomorrow.  It's a keeper.