January 8, 2011

January - Free Subway Art

Go HERE to see all of the colors available - Free!

To copy the prints:  Click on the image to enlarge it into a new screen, then right click on it and either click on 'save picture as' to save it to your computer, or 'copy' to copy and paste it into a document.  The prints are designed for an 8 x 10, but can be sized easily to a 5 x 7 or other sizes in an editing program, for ex. Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher.  (For Photoshop you may need to save the prints as an image to have them copy correctly.)  Copy the image into a document and then use the rulers on the sides of the screen to size the print.  (The prints in the picture below are 5 x 7's.  The words are slightly stretched, but still look good.)