August 5, 2011

Kosher Dill Pickles - Easy and Delicious!

I planted two bush pickle plants in my garden this summer and they have taken off!  I've never grown these before but I wanted to make Mr. CHiPy some dill pickles this summer.  So there you go.  A reason for me to grow pickling cucumbers.
I searched for a recipe that was easy and delicious and was referred to this mix that I purchased at my local WalMart - just follow the directions on the back of the package (you will need vinegar + water + the mix -- easy, right?)
Process your pickles for 10 minutes or until pickling juice boils inside of jars (I used my canning steamer)...And that's it...delicious Kosher Dill Pickles in 24 hours.

Before serving, I suggest refrigerating the pickles so that they are crispy and crunchy.

I think you'll enjoy these...they really are very good!