May 22, 2012

Sourdough Sponge

Last month at my son's Boy Scout Fundraiser,  I had the winning bid for a live 2-year old sourdough starter. YES!  I was thrilled.  I don't think anyone else in the room knew the true value of this excellent prize!

 I lovingly refer to my sourdough starter as  "Sponge Bob" or "the Sponge" for short.   

Sponge Bob sits in my refrigerator all week until the morning I'll be using it.  Then, it sits on my counter for about 6 hours to come to room temperature.   I use one cupful in my Sourdough-French bread recipe and then immediately feed the Sponge to maintain its life.  Crazy huh?

 It makes excellent pizza dough and loaves of  Sourdough-French bread.

Want to make your own Sponge Bob? 

Start Here: Easy Sourdough Starter
My "sponge" is kept in an extra large 4 quart Ball mason jar.  Works for me.