June 29, 2012

Book Club Questions - Heaven is Here

“There is in every true woman’s heart a spark of heavenly fire, 
which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity,
 but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.” -Washington Irving
Book Club was here at my house on Wednesday night and I choose Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielsen to discuss.

Problem was I could not find discussion questions anywhere.  I searched book sites, read reviews, and asked around.

Nothing.  Nope.  Nada.

So I wrote my own...questions for the discussion that is - or should I say I attempted to write them because heaven may be here but heaven knows, I'm no writer.

Just for you and anyone else who might need a few questions for Book Club...

Book Club Questions for Heaven is Here

  1. Before Heaven is Here was published, did you know who Stephanie Nielsen was or were you familiar with her story?  Do you follow her blog The Nie Nie Dialogues?
  1. How long did it take you to read Heaven is Here?    Did you pour through it or take your time?
  1. Stephanie grew up in a large family surrounded by love, teasing and “…always something to do”.   Did you experience something similar when you were growing up or was your home life very different?
  1. Her book takes you through her romantic courtship with her sweetheart Christian. How did you feel about Christian and Stephanie’s love affair?  Can you relate?
  1. Stephanie writes about the early days of marriage and parenthood comparing them to the fantasy she always dreamed about.  Is this similar to your own experience? 
  1. At what point in your life did you develop interests, hobbies and traditions?  What are they and why are they important to you?
  1. How do you feel about Stephanie and Christian’s decision to pursue his life long desire to become a pilot?  Would you be as supportive?  What about other passions or careers in life that are risky like extreme sports or a law enforcement career?
  1. After the plane crash, what follows is a candid account of the gruesome days and months to follow: the extreme low points, the suffocating darkness, the piercing pain of her wounds and endless treatments.  What are your feelings about her experience? Did you find this part of the book difficult to read or comprehend? 
  1. Have you experienced suffering in your own life?  How did you manage?
  1. After reading Heaven is Here, did you come away feeling like you’re ready to tackle your own obstacles in life, or discouraged because life can be challenging and overwhelming?
  1. Have you had an experience where you and/or your husband, children and family have struggled to heal and regain a normal and even joyful life?
  1. Do you feel you can live your life with the same strength and courage that Stephanie describes in her book.

By the way, our meeting lasted 4 hours!!  We had a blast.   Lots of laughter, stories, discussion and food.   It's totally a girls night out.

Book Club rocks!