September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Allie!

 13 words to describe why we ♥ Allie
Happy, smart, organized, silly, funny, friendly, sassy, fashionable, kind, compassionate, shy, trendy and L♥VEABLE! 

Traditions are a big thing around our home and birthday traditions are very important to my kids.  So it was no surprise that our morning started off EARLY - as in  5:00 am kind of early!

I needed plenty of time to make breakfast-in-bed for my birthday girl!

The special request today: grits, scrambled eggs, strawberries, milk and a little cake, of course.

My older daughters spent the night here and we all woke up super early so could sing to Allie before school.  Birthday breakfast in bed has been a tradition of ours for the past 21 years :)  We even got Jeff out of bed to sing with us :)

We HAD to have Krispy Kreme Donuts for school and lucky for us there is one in our area right next to school.- a big THANK YOU to the store manager who gave us 1 dozen donuts free and hats to share with friends :)
Then it was off to our favorite school for donuts with Mrs. Groths' Advisory class. I thought it was pretty cool that the kids wanted a class picture together.  (One more reason to ♥ JAA)
Happy 13th birthday Allie!