September 15, 2012

School ♥

 The John Adams Academies are restoring America's heritage by developing servant-leaders who are keepers and defenders of the principles of freedom for which our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor

Every Friday for the first nine weeks of school, my son Alex and his classmates have the opportunity to be mentors to lower grades as they learn about JAA's Core Values.  Since I'm at the school every Friday volunteering, I get to watch them in action.

I had to be covert with my iphone since he doesn't like to have photos taken of himself.   Alex is assigned to the Kindergarten.  Here he leads the kinder class into the assembly area

 and gives them each a high-five as they pass through "the gate" of Sophomores and Juniors who are cheering them on.
I didn't get a picture of him sitting with the kids at the assembly, but I did get to see him in the middle of the kids as he helped lead the kinder class cheer.  It is so stinkin' cute to watch my 15 year old son with 60 little kids as they all yell, "All for One and one for all!"

My 8th grade daughter Allie is so happy at her new school.  She has great friends who are kind, respectful, and encourage her to do great things. 

Who doesn't want that for their children?