February 16, 2013

Presidents Day - Our first 5K

We did it...our first 5k together. Over 500 people registered for our school's first 5k event benefiting John Adams Academy.  Beautiful day for a run.

 Alex whipped our booties by placing 15th in his category.
For the most part, Jeff and I power walked the event, running into the stadium for the final lap to the finish line.  We made great time too.  I'm impressed with us.
The crowd begins to gather for warm-ups
Can you guess who the elite runner is?  We had quite a few join us for the event.  Very cool to see them support our school.
"Go this way"  Allie and her classmate Quinn direct the crowd
Alex and a few of his friends from our awesome school John Adams Academy.
Jinx was the star of the day.  She was the only dog who completed the event and she had many admirers who wanted to hang out with her afterwards
Allie was one of the Scholar Volunteers who helped with directing runners/walkers and taking down tables and road markers.
And our President representative? The Sacramento River Cats sent Ronnie Reagan - of course!
Have you ever ran a 5k?  This was my first and I think I'll do it again :)