June 8, 2008

Summer has arrived!

The kids are on vacation out of town so Mr. CHiPy and I went on a mini vacation of our own to Santa Cruz and then to Monterrey Bay. AMAZING!! We had breakfast on our balcony on the 3rd floor which was directly over the Pacific Ocean - just a hop, skip & a small jump away from The Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

And those robes...see the waffle-like fabric? So comfy. Not sure what Mr. Chipy thought, but I could have lived in that robe. Seriously.

As we dined, we checked out the sea life all around us...sea otters, sea lions, dolphins, egrets and seagulls. Absolutely beautiful.

And will you check out this food...

Guess what? It was complimentary. Love it!

The sunshine, gorgeous seashore and fabulous food were more than we could have hoped for!