May 2, 2009

He's Working It!

Today we went to hang out with Little Man at the farm. He was so happy that we were there. See that smile. He's handsome. And tall. And he's only 12.

And this was not just any farm. This was SOIL BORN FARMS. They grow Organic vegetables and fruit. And Little Man volunteers his time there. They love him there. At the farm. He's part of an urban agricultural and educational project for Sacto middle school tweens. He's now a tween (Not quite a teen, get it?). I can't believe it.

He's learning to raise chickens. And roosters.

They even grow flowers and berry's. Aren't they gorgeous. I love flowers and berry's.

Mr. CHiPy and I were SO impressed that Little Man knew what Kale was. And Swiss Chard. And different types of baby lettuces. They sell them there. At the Organic Farm.

And the highlight of the afternoon was planting our own organic eggplants in little earth friendly containers to grow in our own organic garden that little man is helping me with. Little-Big Girl and Mr. CHiPy were so proud of themselves.

The Farm Stand is open. You should go. And look for Little Man. He'll be there.