May 17, 2009

Mr. CHiPy's Favorite Drink

Can you believe how BIG this jug of Molasses is? It's a gallon! ONE GALLON! I've never seen such a huge jug of the stuff in my life. I found it at Smart-N-Final and knowing that this was the stuff of Mr. CHiPy's childhood, I HAD to buy it. It was the perfect birthday present. He was so happy. I'm not kidding either. He proudly shows it off to anyone that's interested.

It was when I was dating Mr. CHiPy that I learned about his favorite drink. Molasses and milk. Cold, not hot. He says he was raised on the stuff. Can you imagine?

So I tried it. You can too.

Take a large glass of cold milk
add about 2+ tablespoons of molasses (add more if you like it sweet)
Stir really good until it turns caramel-ly

It's not bad. Actually, I really like it. A lot. And my youngest does too. She enjoys a glass with Mr. CHiPy several times each week.

Can you imagine?