May 22, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover

So I started with this. BEFORE:
White walls and pine cabinets and not much else except for AWESOME appliances that wash and dry 22 pairs of jeans at a've seen the commercials, right? (I owe that much to Mr. CHiPy). So, I got me some paint...LOVE me some paint. Especially when Mr. Home Depot mixes up some look-alike Ralph Lauren paint called Cathedral Gray. I especially love that it's about 1/3 cheaper and the coverage is really quite good. So I painted. Two coats.
And ended up with this.

  • stole the rug from the guest bathroom from down the hall.
  • used an apothecary jar ($5.00) to hold my Tide and added a scoop I already had.
  • Added aromatherapy thingy that I got as a gift ($free)
  • black basket I already had ($free) - I was inspired by this
  • Hung pics on the wall that I've had for years and years that I made over with black spray paint ($free).
Total Cost: $11 for 1/2 gallon of paint and $5 apothecary jar. Not bad, eh? (By the way, those pine cabinets are next on my list for a makeover).