July 1, 2009

Upscale Thrifting

I'm not sure that the following two purchases qualify as thrifty treasures because I paid more for them than I have EVER spent in a thrift store. I could NOT pass them up because they were exactly what I have been looking for. The last time I decided to delay a purchase like this, the item was gone in a manner of minutes and I have regretted it ever since.

DEAL #1:
First up is a terrific mirror by the now defunct Bombay Company. The mirror happens to be the perfect size for my back hallway right between 2 bedrooms and will brighten up the entire space. It's about 40" tall by 30" across and I love the design around the outer and inner areas of the mirror. I think it's beautiful. (just please ignore Little Man's dirty clothes hamper that is so nicely displayed in the reflection!)

I paid $40.00.

I can't wait to clean it up, paint the hallway and then hang it in it's rightful spot.

DEAL #2:
Next up is this GORGEOUS tall lamp that is the right scale for this wall. I had no fewer than 6 ladies shopping at Goodwill stop me and ask if I was willing to give it up! Ha! That's when you know you have a great deal.

So here it is in my formal dining room (in front of a half painted wall, no less).

I paid $20.00. The shade is silk and the lamp is 38" tall and quite heavy. There is a small scratch on the lamp post but I think the right shade of marker will clean that right up.

I love my purchases, and although I paid $60.00, I feel like I got two really great deals.