July 29, 2009

Alabama Memories

So much FUN is all I can muster to say right now. I"ll need a couple of days' sleep to recover but starting tomorrow I'll be posting about all of the wonderful places I visited.

In the meantime here's a glimpse at my adventure.

My aunts reminded me to stop and purchase Grapico and peanuts for the car ride {I also got a chocolate Moon pie}

Heavens! The food my mom and aunts prepared was AMAZING! Lots more on this soon.

For all you bike lovers, this IS the place to visit in Alabama.

And talk about weather...wow! I experienced my first southern rain storm in ages. Check out them clouds.

I'd never been to Bass Pro - Wait until you see inside.

A temple now stands in the city my extended family lived in. Beautiful.

Have I got a story about Beverly Ruff's Antiques. This shop is down the street from my Aunt's home - Fabulous! - A lot of the items here are featured in Victoria magazine.

And of course, our trip would not have been complete without a visit to the restored Alabama Theater where my mom and her sisters saw the opening of Gone with the Wind.

And yes, I'm glad to be home. Mr. CHiPy took care of the munchkins while I was gone. {I owe him BIG Time!!}

More coming...stay tuned!