July 17, 2009

Swimming's In Session 4 Sugar!

I got another post!! :D This time I am taking swimming lessons at our local community pool .

I am about to jump in.

Here I am doing 5 bobs, but once we had to do 53 bobs!! :C

After I get my head out of the water, there is water on my
face so I have to wipe it off.

Eh. I don't look so happy at the moment but I was still
wiping my face.

My teacher is talking, so ALL eyes and ears on her!

Here is my teacher, Ms. Kristin. She rocks!

I am about to do Elementary Backstroke.




All the way across the pool.

I really like swimming lessons. I'm learning a lot of new strokes and meeting new friends. It's a fun way to spend my summer mornings.