September 11, 2009

Oil Painting Bargains

I recently came across two oil paintings on canvas which were stored behind our dresser. These belonged to Mr. CHiPy before we were married. I asked him what he would like to do with them and he said to hang them if I would like.

Would I like? WOW!

I LOVE this one...

And this one...heaven!

So it took me about two seconds to find some empty frames in my stockpile. And within minutes, these beauties were framed...

...and hung on my wall next to this beauty that I scored for free.

This one is an original oil on canvas. It's 36"x48" and takes up most of my wall. The frame is solid wood. And like I said, I got it for FREE...more on that later.

Here they are.

I like them together. A lot.

Thanks Mr. CHiPy.