October 8, 2009

Craigslist - Gotta Love it!

I've been searching for a chair for Mr. CHiPy. Not just any chair but a club chair. A leather club chair. One that reclines and is comfy and elegant and classy. The kind of chair that he can recline on to read the paper in the wee early hours of the morning.

So I began my search. Leather reclining club chairs are expensive. VERY expensive. Like over $600 kind of expensive.

Then I looked on craigslist.com and looky what I found...
I could not believe it. A leather club chair! The only one listed. I followed it for a week. It was located in Modesto about 1-1/2 hours south of Sacramento which is probably why no one in Sacramento purchased it. But glory be to the heavens! Mr. CHiPy works in Modesto so he went and checked it out.

And it met all of the criteria. It reclines AND it's comfy and classy and elegant.

And it's practically brand new. Has a warranty still in effect from Costco. And it was way under $600. Way under $300. Way under $200 but over $100. The man selling it had to downsize his home and didn't have room for it any longer.

What a steal!

It's Mr. CHiPy's chair. His leather, reclining, comfy club chair.

And he loves it.