October 7, 2009

Reveal - Dining Room

This is more of a "semi-before" picture. I had already painted the focal wall in this room burgundy but I couldn't figure out the other colors...hence, the splatterings of color next to the burgundy. Because of how the room flows I decided to go with the same beige color that I used in the family room and hallway for consistency. I did change out the mirror and the painting though...

By flipping the mirror vertically in front of the chandelier, it allows so much more light into the room.

I really like the way the valance/drapery turned out. I made this from fabric I already had from year's past.

So here is the AFTER:

The burgundy paint looks a lot more red in this picture than it really is and the chairs are actually a deep brown color.

The final effect is really nice, I think. This wall is FINALLY done and the adjoining three walls will be painted a sage green next week.