October 26, 2009

Worried about Little-big Girl

On Friday afternoon Little-big girl called me. She said not to worry but that she had passed out twice at the mall and was in an ambulance being taken to the Emergency Room.

NOT WORRY???? But isn't that what moms do best?

I got the details and immediately called Mr. CHiPy. He's calm under pressure and knew just how to calm me down. He got me a flight back to my other home at my parents house in Orange County. My mom met me at the airport and the next thing I knew I was there. With Little-big girl, laying down next to her in her hospital bed giving her the biggest hug of her life.

Poor Little-big girl. She had IV's and 9 other poke holes in her arms from all of the blood tests and dyes and everything else the Cardiologist had requested tests for. After 4 long days, I brought her home. Back to my other home at my parents house. This is where Little-big girl lives while she goes to college.

Tests revealed that she has very low blood pressure and that her heart's rhythm was a little out of balance. A heart "tickle test" delivered the right amount of electricity to her heart to bring everthing back into balance. Lot's of water and more sodium in her diet will keep things right.

Big sigh of relief for us all.

Although she can't return to work until 11/1 and can't take her dance classes for one week, we do get two full days of togetherness after she's out of school. Uninterrupted togetherness. We are planning to shop for make-up (which is what she was trying to do when she passed out), play girly dress-up, do our hair and nails, go out to eat and catch a movie together.

I'll be back to Sacto on Wednesday afternoon. Back to Indigo girl, Little man and Sugar. And back to Mr. CHiPy and his embrace that keeps me calm.