November 17, 2009

WOW! I'm Saving at Target

I love a good deal, don't you? And I love a great deal even more. As I was checking out different blogs this week I came across this great site called My Frugal Adventures. The site is based in Northern California and posts our region's deals along with other national deals that are going on. I love this site so much that I added the button to my sidebar over on the right...

Anyhow, I decided to give this site a try and followed the deals on sale at Target this week to stock my pantry for the upcoming holidays. Everything I purchased came from my new Target on Olsen. Sugar went with me and we scored some awesome deals.

Here she is showing off our Target purchases:

Click on the pictures for a closer look. There are 12 pounds of granny smith apples behind the ice cream and there is a 6lb turkey breast still in the Target bag next to the ice cream along with 2 bags of Lindt truffles 2 bags holiday M&M's, 4 bags marshmallows, 2 bags chocolate chips, 2 bags Pepperidge Farms' chessman cookies and so on...

Wow...I couldn't believe how much we got for $66.46 (after coupons).
Our total savings...$74.93!!! Honestly, I think we would have saved more if I had all of the manufacturers coupons. I had a lot and stacked those with the Target store coupons for terrific savings, but because I'm sort of new to couponing, I didn't have a stash to choose from. I expect my next shopping trip to be even better.

If you want to start saving big, I highly encourage you to start couponing and to check out My Frugal Adventures.