December 1, 2009

Over the River and through the Woods...

Mr. CHiPy and I spent five glorious days basking in the sunshine of Southern California during our Thanksgiving Holiday and had a great time while staying with my parents.

Thanksgiving Potato Mountain by Mr. CHiPy

After a huge Thanksgiving feast with 30 other family members and cleaning up a whole lotta dirty dishes, and after a long nap...Mom and I finally got around to doing a lot of Christmas decorating.

We had a whole lot of these

And these..
And lots and lots of boxes of ribbons and swags and beaded garlands.


And this is what we did...(my sil came over to help do the mantle...that's her there next to my mom...she's a decorating phenom).

When we were finished, this is what we accomplished...

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

I told my mom to pack her backs because she's decorating my house next.