June 22, 2010

My Alabama Pioneer Heritage

I'm home from Alabama and sorting through the 400+ photos I took.   

Of the many things mom wanted to do while in Alabama, going to Magnolia and taking pictures of the old Magnolia Chapel topped her list.   This is one of my favorites...

Magnolia Chapel - Magnolia, AL 

I love this picture because of it's intrinsic value to my family.  This is the oldest LDS chapel in the State of Alabama.  Parley P. Pratt sent missionaries to Magnolia to preach the gospel and my family heard the good news and were converted.  
Olivia Alabama Tucker McCoy was my great, great grandmother and this chapel was built when she was a child.  She is now buried behind the chapel along with other members of her family including my great grandparents. 

You can read more about Olivia by clicking on this link:  Magnolia Chapel

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