June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Celebrations - Part Three

Growing up I didn't have sisters of my own.  It was just me and the boys.  All nine of them.  Yes, you read that right.  Nine of them.  Nine boys.

Thank goodness I was soon blessed with sister-in-laws.  Nine of them.  And they are awesome and I love them dearly. 
Pictured are 5 of the 9 - Tania, Cyndi, Tiffany, Britta, Me, Laura
Not pictured: Toni , Teri, Jocelyn and Lithia.  

And here are some of our daughters - Note to self: get a picture of all 15 daughters
It was truly a girl's weekend and it was all made possible by my amazing mom.  Hi mom.
We spent most of the weekend together celebrating our eldest niece's wedding, spending time with mom and remembering dad and celebrating his service in the military. 

I miss everyone already.

(Note to self:  Get a picture of us together - nearly impossible but I think it can be done)