September 5, 2010

Food Storage Deals - Cereal & Pop Tarts

Boy of boy, do I have a sweet story to tell about all of this cereal.  There are 30 boxes pictured here.

Our local Savemart was offering a great deal on cereal and pop tarts this past week - purchase 10 boxes of Kellogg's participating cereals and pop tarts, get them for $1.98 each and THEN get a $10 catalina back.  This was a great deal that I knew I could not pass up,  Especially since my supply was running low and I had a TON of cereal and pop tart coupons from earlier in the year that came in $5.00 coupon booklets inside of other participating Kellogg cereals that I had purchased back in January. (whew, that was a LONG sentence!).

I took Mr. CHiPy with me to maximize our time and efforts.  We ended up doing a total of 4 transactions (two each). Our first transactions were $15 each after $5.00 coupons; Second transactions were $5.00 each, after $5.00 coupons, and $10.00 catalinas. – Total spent $40.00; then we got back two additional $10.00 catalina’s for food. We ended up with 30 boxes of healthy Kellogg’s cereals, 10 boxes of 12 count not so healthy Pop Tarts (LOL!) and $20.00 of essentially free food – we bought fruit on special (grapes, nectarines, plums), 6 quarts of Dreyers ice cream, 1 dozen eggs and received $.75 cents in change.

So our total was $39.25 for everything. We saved $120.00!! Mr. CHiPy was so impressed.

I love shopping with coupons, but it really has to be a good deal, or I don't think it's worth my time.  This deal was definitely worth my time!