September 8, 2010

Pepsi Party

I used to be a Diet Coke fan.  That ended 3-1/2 years ago when I married Mr. CHiPy.  I don't know exactly how it happened but I remember that Mr. CHiPy liked Diet Pepsi.  I tired it.  I liked it.  End of story.

So now I love it when Pepsi products go on sale.  This week Safeway is having a great deal - 2 litre Pepsi products for $.77 each.  I stocked up.  Does that surprise anyone?

I keep the lil' fridge in our garage stocked with Pepsi canned products for my grab-n-go needs.  I also keep bottled water nearby.  Cases of it as a matter of fact.  But this post is about Pepsi and the great deals available at Safeway this week.
I love this little fridge.  It used to be in my office and now it's in my garage right next to the door just ready for the taking.  Nothing like a cold, refreshing Diet Pepsi on a hot summer's night.  Oh, and I recently discovered the cherry goodness!  So good.