September 28, 2010

Tablecloth Bargain

My little kitchen table has spent most of the past three years a little exposed.  The glass/wrought iron look is a bit overkill, so I've been shopping for a tablecloth to change things up a bit. 

Now that it's Fall, I decided I needed a tablecloth that would warmify it a bit.   I went to my neighborhood thrift store and came across the perfect solution...

What a lucky find!  The tablecloth is custom made out of a merlot crinkled taffeta.  It fits my little table perfectly and really warms up the area.   I took a chance and washed it in cold water and put it through my cleaned up beautifully.

I ♥ that it only cost $3.00. 

I encourage you to go checkout the thrift stores in your area.  You will be surprised with the treasures you find.