November 13, 2010

Apple Hill Getaway 2010

If you live in Northern California, you must visit Apple Hill in Placerville County which is about a 30 minute drive from Sacramento.
In past years we have visited Abel's Apple Acres.  This year we ventured further out and visited Boa Vista Orchards, High Hill Ranch and Fudge Factory Farm.
Of course we sampled caramel apple cider, apple fritters, and chestnuts that were actually roasted on an open fire.  Those nuts smelled and tasted so good that I purchased some to roast on Thanksgiving day at Grandma Sally's.  I can't wait to share those with her. 

Highlights of our get away:  Mr. CHiPy purchased a Blackberry Sour Cream Apple Pie to bring home. Little-man ate and ate and ate.  Little-big Girl and Sugar chose knitted pilot hats made out of yak wool from Nepal (oh, the jokes Little-man made about those hats!) and Indigo Girl chose Mega Death Hot Sauce made from the hottest ingredients known on earth (yeah, I don't get that one either), and caramel corn

And me?  I enjoyed  the time with my family

This time of year Apple Hill is beautiful and so much fun!  If you haven't gone yet, go.  I highly recommend it.