November 29, 2010

A Martha Story - Yes, THAT Martha

One of my very favorite places to visit and get inspiration from is in Southern California at Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar.  Known as 'America's Most Beautiful Home and Garden Center', this place is truly magical and gets me into the spirit of Christmas like no other.  My mom and I have been going there for years and I must say that I just love this place.

And now on to my Martha story.  

Back in the early 90's (a long time ago, I know) my mom and I went to Roger's Gardens to see Martha Stewart and have her sign our books, oh yes we did.  There were so many people there and we couldn't find a parking spot until the event was almost over. 

We went into Roger's Gardens feeling sad and dejected and ran to the area where Martha was supposed to be just in case we might catch a glimpse of her leaving.  As we arrived at the back of the gardens, we turned the corner and THERE SHE WAS... just hanging out and chitchatting with her staff as they were dismantling the Martha display.  We were ELATED and could not believe our luck!   Mom and I had Martha all to ourselves and she signed our books that we had brought with us.  Let me tell you, it made our HOLIDAY!!    It's been fun to reminisce about that day each year when we go back and visit the gardens and poke fun at each other for not being the Martha lovers that we once were.  So fun and just one of the reasons why I love going to Roger's Gardens. 

click on the link below and then press the play button for a photo tour