November 2, 2010

Safeway Delivery Deal

This week I took advantage of the $15 off a $50 order at  and because it was my first online order, I got free shipping also ($12.99 value).  

Thru today (11/2), my local ad has fresh Ranchers Reserve beef, chicken and pork products Buy One Get One Free on the Extreme Value Max Paks, The sale is available online as well.   

This worked out to be a fantastic deal because protein coupons are RARE.   Guess what?  Time to stock my freezer with proteins!  

Here's what I purchased - Remember BOGO FREE!
4 - Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roasts - 20 lbs
4 - Chicken Leg Quarters - 16 lbs
4 - 80% Lean Ground Beef - 20 lbs

My order was delivered on Monday evening at 5:30pm (as scheduled) and the nice delivery man brought everything into my kitchen for me.

Total cost was $139.87, less $15.00 promotion discount, less BOGO and my cost ended up to be...
for 56 lbs of protein!!
I saved $79.87!!