January 31, 2011

Food Pantry Clean-up

With six people in the house who know how to bake and cook, you would think they could help keep the pantry organized, right? 


My food pantry has been  a disaster. 

Clean up time...or should I say clean OUT time.

Now my dining room, kitchen and living room are a mess. 

Look at those cute aprons.  I counted eight of them. 

And canning jars...man oh man.  I had 36 of those babies stored in my pantry.  Whoa.  

And appliances?  They are everywhere!
Where to begin?
How about spices. 
 This handy organizer works wonders as a rack for my large sized spices and baking staples.  Since the pantry is across from the Butlers Pantry, it is hidden from the rest of the house so I keep the pantry door open which works out rather nicely.

It's a start.