August 17, 2011

The Help - a must read

I read The Help this summer. Twice as a matter of fact.  And I saw the movie too.

I'm from Alabama.  My mom's from Alabama.  My grand-mother is from Alabama and so is her mother and grand-mother before her.  We know this story well and in some places in the south, it is still alive and well.

Have you read The Help yet?

I highly recommend it.

Read it and then go and see the movie with thirty of your girlfriends.  Make sure to go to the late night showing so that you're the only people in the theater like we did.

Such a fun night.  No kids.  No husbands.  Just a bunch of friends sharing popcorn and coke's and enjoying a good movie.

Check it out and then go.

A little movie trivia for you...Hilly is played by Bryce Dallas Howard.  She's Ron Howard's daughter - who knew that Richie Cunningham had a daughter old enough to act in a movie?