January 18, 2012

A Winter's Walk

There's nothing like spending time with a child, especially a grandchild.  Jeff and I did just that over the Christmas holiday.

Riley is our 6 year old  grandson and he was over-the-top excited about going on a walk with us and our dog, Jinx.  Riley had found Jeff's speedometer rolling type thing that measures distances in our garage and he wanted to take it on our walk to "measure-it."  He also requested a pair of sunglasses, just like his grandpa's (sooooo cute!).

And measure he did.  We didn't walk far, but we did go up and down quite a bit.  Up the underpass to measure and then down the underpass to measure.   Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.   To Riley it was an adventure!

One of the sweetest things he did that day was find a tumbleweed. He said, "Grandma, look...a tree" and then asked all kinds of questions about how that tree got there. Funny, funny kid.

We laughed and absorbed all of his childhood wonderment.