Baking Lessons

My 12 year old daughter Allie is my partner in TWD: Baking with Julia and since we just started this little adventure, she's decided  to practice her "sweet skillz" by learning how to bake.  I must say that this is much to the pleasure of her older sister who does not bake but loves to sample all the goodies made.

This afternoon Allie made yellow cupcakes with two types of icing: whipped vanilla frosting and almond whipped cream. Both tasted really good. She even tried out my new Adecco pastry decorating set with good results. 

I'm eager to see what she decides to try next.

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Amber  – (February 12, 2012 at 1:16 PM)  

My little sister got the baking gene in our family and she is amazing. We all love it when she tries out new things...I think it's much better that she is the baker, than me, since I don't have the mess, just the enjoyment!

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