March 27, 2012

Boy Scouts and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Alex has outgrown his scout shirt and we just figured that out yesterday. Isn't that the way things go - finding out at the last minute that the shirt, pants, shoes, etc don't fit anymore?  Hey, good thing it wasn't 10 minutes before his Court of Honor, right? That's also the time I found out that he was assigned to bring 2 dozen cookies.

So being the nice mom that I am, I spent time this afternoon sewing on a few uniform patches and several more merit badges on his sash. He should be getting three more tonight for a total of 14, I think?  Then it will be a year jam packed with scouting adventures and merit badges so that he can advance in rank.

It's a goal of his (and who am I kidding, mine too) to get his Eagle. 
Our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found here.