March 12, 2012

In Bloom - the front porch

Happy Monday!

Now that spring is around the corner, I decided to spruce up my front porch.  I found a few good deals on decor and garden items this weekend that really brighten up the area. 

The first deal is a set of Sunbrella outdoor pillows from Costco - 2/$12.99 which is a great bargain.  Sunbrella is a quality product and is usually expensive.   I love the pineapple and flower motif on the two I purchased.  The pillows coordinate nicely with the patio set and tie in with the outdoor rug at the front door I got at Lowe's last year on clearance for $17.00. 

The second  deal is on 1 gallon Lavender plants that I also purchased at Costco - 3 plants for $9.99.  I planted them in separate areas since they will grow to be quite large.  They smell so good!

I now have a yellow and purple garden that was totally unintentional.  It is pretty though. The two yellow carolina jessamine are blooming and the pansies from last fall are still going strong. Soon I'll have an assortment of roses, geranium, camellia's, purple bearded iris and calla lily blooms as well.  Can you tell I love flowers?  Love them! 

What's growing in your garden?