May 8, 2012

Lowe's Garden L♥ve

One of my garage light bulbs burned out last week which warranted a trip over to Lowe's for a replacement. My husband went to look for bulbs and I went, were else, to the gardening section.

I found some great closeout deals on vigorous, hardy bushes and vines that ended up being great for my backyard slope.  I purchased everything I could get my hands on. 
The Silver Queen's  were $2.99 each - holy cow....that is unheard of!

And the Lady Bank's Rose??  $24.98 reduced to $16.58 and reduced again to $8.29 - Hello!  Who doesn't love a great deal like that!   I got one yellow and two white.  These will be so pretty climbing up the back wall.

I also purchased six Lynwood Gold Forsythia plants that were reduced to $7.49 each - You should have seen my carts FULL of these.  I love this plant!  I have two of them in my front yard and they grow like crazy.  I forgot to take a photo of these, but here's a picture of one in my front yard that I just love - behind the rose, obviously.

It may take a couple of years, but soon enough my once ugly backyard slope will be full of color. 

If you're looking for some great deals on plants, I highly recommend that you check out your local Lowe's or Home Depot.  Oh, and bring the big car.

Plant away!