August 8, 2012

Freezer Dinners Rock!

I joined a freezer dinner group with some of my friends.

Our first month was so successful.

 I cannot tell you how awesome it was to have these meals in my freezer and ready to go for easy summer dinners on the fly.
On the menu (top to bottom, left to right - click on links for recipes)
Italian Sausage Stuffed Shells (recipe coming soon)

How it works:  Using one recipe, make one family sized meal for each member of your group.  We have 5 participating in our group so I made 6 meals - 1 for my family to eat that night.  Meals are packaged in large freezer sized ziploks or 9x13 foil pan, labeled with directions and frozen or ready to be frozen.  Meet at a home and exchange meals once a month.  

So, so glad I joined this group.   Find some friends who know how to cook and do this too.  It's awesome.