May 29, 2013

My Boy Scout

Last night was our Scout Troop's Court of Honor.  Alex made a lot of progress towards his Eagle Scout by earning the Scout rank of Life along with five Eagle required merit badges.  YES!  He has worked hard to earn those merit badges and is on his way to earning his Eagle Scout.  I'm really proud of the progress he has made and especially proud that he was also awarded the On My Honor Award.  The On My Honor Award is the Latter-day Saint religious award for Boy Scouts.
To earn the On My Honor Award, young men must (1) complete the requirements for the Duty to God certificate for deacons (or for another Duty to God certificate) and (2) achieve the Scout rank of Star in the United States, or equivalent Scouting award in other countries.

Alex liked the idea of having his Eagle required badges (edged in white) sewn down the middle of his sash.   So that's what I did.

At the Court of Honor, Alex got a little excited after his awards and did a dance in front of everyone.  That son of mine!  He cracks me up with his humor.  As I'm typing this I noticed that he changed out his kerchief tie with a shotgun case.  Guns are his passion.

All of his extra camp badges and awards are sewn on to the back of his sash.  It's a pretty cool to see all that he has done in the past 4 years right there on his sash.

Of course I have to show off my Cub Scout and Boy Scout pins that Alex earned along with his rank advancements - I call it my Mom Pin Brag Necklace - It's a special moment when your scout gives you a pin to reflect your hard work along with theirs ♥

Our small troop.  They are small in numbers but giants in Scouting.
And just for about a flashback 5 years ago to age 11 and Alex's first Scout camp out
 - awe!  So cute.  Time is just flying by.