May 31, 2013

Les Miserables with High Schoolers

The 10th grade class at John Adams Academy read the unabridged version of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo this year. They performed theatrical readings, acted out the chapters and went as friends to see the movie when it was released in November.

This past week Jeff and I went as chaperones with the high schoolers to see the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables at the Sacramento Community Theater. There were 60 in our group and I'm proud to say that not only did they do a great job representing their school, they made us (as parents) proud as well. They were well groomed, dressed modestly and acted appropriately during the entire production. What a pleasure for us!

Here's a little preview of the production we saw...

And here is where all of the action took place... 
While waiting for our car the actor who portrayed Jean Valjean came around the corner and was met enthusiastically by our group of Scholars - he signed programs and stood for photos - Awesome!
And then....the actor who portrayed Marius came jogging by and he also stopped for autographs and photos.  The girls were over the top thrilled to see him in his running gear :)
The Chaperones.  Woot!

This was a great way to wrap up the school year and a really fun way to spend time with high schoolers (especially our own!)